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How Do Virtual Private Servers Hosting Functions?

The expression "Virtual Private Server" applies to a server virtualization technology, which allows one physical server machine to be split into several virtual machines. On a virtual private server, you can work independently of the others. You can select an OS and, owing to the root-level access you get, you can install your own software configurations.

Virtual Private Servers Plans of Your Preference

With EMax Web Hosting Services, you can select between KVM and OpenVZ powered VPS hosting plans. Based on the chosen virtualization platform, your VPS server hosting package will include the SolusVM Admin Panel, which will allow you to reboot your virtual server at any time, keep track of the system resource usage and monitor your traffic statistics. Also, with any of the virtual private servers plans provided by EMax Web Hosting Services, you will receive the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel for free.

Advanced Administration Services

In case you need assistance in administering your VPS, EMax Web Hosting Services offers additional managed services, including weekly data backups and Operating System updates, server monitoring, restarting, custom software installation, script problem troubleshooting, etc. procedures. All these upgrades are offered during the signup process, but you can also request them from your VPS Plan Manager later.

Moreover, for the sake of clients having content-heavy, dynamic sites, EMax Web Hosting Services provides a high-performance web application accelerator – Varnish Cache, which can be installed in front of any server that speaks HTTP and configured to cache the content. The web application accelerator will boost the speed of your site, immensely diminish the load on the server and guarantee a more stable and reliable shared hosting service.